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Minority Report, Part 2

One of this publication's most irascible critics is no longer spewing vials of acidic ink in the pages of the Miami SunPost. While pawing at the doggie water fountain in Coconut Grove's Kennedy Park, Miami's most egalitarian canine overheard a neighborhood activist lament that Jack King was no longer writing his column for the Miami Beach-based weekly.

King — whose columns skewered New Times staffers, Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, and Miami Commissioner Johnny Winton, among other much more intelligent beings — was told he could write about only assigned topics, according to two inveterate Grovites. SunPost executive editor Erik Bojansky denied the allegation, contending King quit because he was asked to expand his coverage beyond his home base of Coconut Grove and Miami City Hall.

"We don't dictate what columnists write or don't write about," Bojansky insisted. (That much is clear, The Bitch observationally concurs.) King, the former editor of the defunct Coconut Grover, did not return calls seeking comment.

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