Fla. GOP Ex-Congressman Comes Out Strongly In Favor of Ground Zero Mosque

Despite being thousands of miles from Florida and having nothing to do with local politics, the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" has become an issue in the sunshine state's 2010 election. While even some Democrats (we're looking at you Alex Sink and Ron Klein) have come out against the Islamic community center two blocks from Ground Zero, one Republican former congressman from Florida has come out strongly in favor of the project. He warns the "freaks on the far-right" that they're "going to be embarrassed. You're going to look back two, three, four years from now and this is going to be a dark blot on your record." 

Yes, it's MSNBC host Joe Scarborough who represented Florida's first district as a Republican from 1995 to 2001.

Scarborough warns that opposition to the mosque could send a message across the globe that could be damaging to foreign relations and our troops as they try and gain the trust of citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In true Republican fashion though, he says this wouldn't be happening if George W. Bush was still president. He aptly points out that some of the opposition to the mosque may be just to embarrass Barack Obama. He also claims Bush would say, "We're not in a war against Islam, we're in a war against Al Queda." Well, there's nothing stopping Bush from speaking out now.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.