Five Things We Learned From Another Failed Miami Dolphins Season
Photo by George Martinez

Five Things We Learned From Another Failed Miami Dolphins Season

Come Sunday night, another forgetful Miami Dolphins season will be in the books. This latest edition of Dolphins football is just the most recent in a long line of sub-.500 seasons full of broken promises, crushed hopes, wasted opportunities, and TMZ-ready drama.

In short: This season was just about everything you would have expected from the Miami Dolphins. You totally could have guessed everything that happened.

Even though we could have predicted another crappy Fins season, we did learn a few things from watching the colors flash across our TV screens for 16 weeks. Here they are.

Ryan Tannehill
Ryan Tannehill
Photo by George Martinez

5. The answer is yes. Yes, it can get worse than Ryan Tannehill. So much worse. A lot of Dolphins fans who hated Ryan Tannehill before he missed the entire season with a knee injury probably feel a tad differently after being subjected to 16 weeks of a Jay Cutler and Matt Moore tag team of terribleness. If you loved Tannehill before this season, you really love him now. So much.

If 2017 taught Dolphins fans just one thing, it's that they shouldn't go demanding Tannehill be kicked to the curb before they're quite sure the Fins have someone better. For now, they definitely don't. The Dolphins will almost assuredly work on that weakness this offseason, but for now, we'll be happy to see Tannehill's face again come next August.

Adam Gase (second from right)EXPAND
Adam Gase (second from right)

4. Adam Gase is no offensive guru or the Dolphins' savior. We all got bamboozled by Adam Gaze. He's a South Florida boondoggle that is topped only by Marlins Park. For a man who was advertised as an offensive genius, Gase certainly hasn't proven to be anything special as a play caller. Things have gotten worse since he arrived, which is quite amazing because they were lousy before his arrival.

It could have been argued before the season that the Dolphins had more weaponry on the offensive side of the ball than they've had in years, yet for a heaping handful of games, the team had a big fat "0" on the scoreboard for a majority of minutes.

Gase is a fraud with a bad attitude. He has proven nothing in the NFL yet answers the media's questions as if they shouldn't dare question the method to his madness. Any other franchise would deserve more, but with the Dolphins, four seasons of mediocrity are required before someone else arrives to not fix it.

Five Things We Learned From Another Failed Miami Dolphins Season (5)
Photo by George Martinez

3. The Dolphins will probably need to keep Jarvis Landry. Whether they franchise-tag Landry and pay him the average that the top five wide receivers in the NFL are making next season or sign him to a long-term deal, it's become apparent the Dolphins will need Jarvis Landry. Why, you ask? Well, beyond recognizing that Landry is likely to finish the season as the NFL's reception leader, he's just flat-out the only pass catcher the Dolphins can count on.

DeVante Parker is a constantly injured tease, and Kenny Stills is an overpaid one-trick pony. If the Dolphins won't pay Landry what he's worth, it's probably because they're considering a complete rebuild.

Five Things We Learned From Another Failed Miami Dolphins Season (6)
Photo by Morgan Coleman

2. Hard Rock Stadium is capable of providing an amazing home-field advantage. We weren't entirely sure if Hard Rock Stadium could live up to the Orange Bowl, where teams whimpered at the thought of having to play a road game, but the University of Miami Hurricanes proved that's indeed possible this season. The Dolphins? Yeah, we're still waiting for it to be proven possible on Sundays.

The Canes' amazing season proved once again that Miami fans show up in huge numbers and make some drunken noise when the product on the field, court, or, hell, even ice, warrants their attention. It's good to know that the Dolphins still have that sort of home-field advantage in their back pocket if they ever, you know, win again.

Chris Foerster
Chris Foerster

1. The Dolphins organization is still capable of finding new ways to embarrass Miami off the field. If you're not familiar with what's happening in the photo above, bang this link here to catch up. We good? Yeah, that happened. Offensive line coach Chris Foerster filmed himself snorting cocaine at his desk before a team meeting and sent it to a "model" he had recently fallen for.

The video became very public, Foerster became very unemployed, and the Miami Dolphins, once again, became very red-faced as the organization's name was dragged for the umpteenth time through the TMZ mud. Bravo, Dolphins. Really nice. Reset the Miami Dolphins national embarrassment clock to zero.

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