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Five Reasons Heat Fans Should Root for LeBron James

Five Reasons Heat Fans Should Root for LeBron James
Alex Broadwell
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It's been nearly three years since LeBron James left the Miami Heat for his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. To be precise, it's been 1,041 days, of which 715 were work days, not that we're counting or anything.

For Miami, it was supertough to see the greatest athlete on the planet leave our favorite team, but as time has passed, the pain has subsided. Heat fans are good now. You barely even hear them bring up LeBron James. In fact, Heat fans are so far removed from watching moving vans pack up LeBron's shit that with the Heat missing the playoffs this season, they actually might root for him to win another title in Cleveland.

Too far? It shouldn't be. You're better than that, Miami. We're all adults here. We've been on, like, 500 dates since we broke up. We haven't even checked his Instagram for months. Not on purpose anyway. OK, once in a while, but not in a stalker way, just to see how he's doing.

It's totally cool for Heat fans to root for LeBron James to win another title this season, and here's why.
1. Those two titles LeBron helped Miami win aren't going anywhere.

The more Heat fans watch LeBron succeed in Cleveland, the more they should recognize it's pretty amazing he took a four-year vacation from his hometown in the first place. No matter if LeBron ever fully embraces his time on "South Beach," it still happened and the banners will forever hang in American Airlines Arena. With Dwyane Wade wasting away in Chicago and Chris Bosh closer to being a professional fisherman than a professional basketball player, watching LeBron dominate is the closest Heat fans will get to reliving those epic 2010-14 Miami Heat Big Three teams.
2. LeBron might be the GOAT. Respect the GOAT.

You know what the greatest thing about the Washington Wizards might be? Michael Jordan once played there. What else do you remember about the Wizards if you're younger than 45? No other team outside of the Chicago Bulls can say the best player in the history of the sport played for it. When it's all said and done, Miami will be able to say the same thing about the man who arguably (relax, I said "arguably") is better than Jordan. Why not root for LeBron to go on to amazing things so the Heat is part of that story?
3. The Miami Heat has already proven it helped make LeBron who he is today.

Without LeBron's stop in Miami, he would never be the player he is today. He's said as much, and it's extremely apparent by the way he has shaped the Cavaliers organization since he returned there. If the Heat can't be in the playoffs, at least a team that blatantly copied Miami's blueprint can help nail home the fact that the way the Heat does things is not only the right way but the world-class way. LeBron didn't win a thing until he got to Miami, and he's done nothing but win since. That's no coincidence, and watching him continue winning is actually a great thing for the Heat in the long run.

Five Reasons Heat Fans Should Root for LeBron James
Alex Broadwell

4. The time for pettiness is over.

Enough is enough: It's time to move on and root for your ex. At some point, the anger subsides and you're able to wish that person well. LeBron didn't belong to the Heat, so his leaving to go back home should no longer be looked at as a shot at the team. LeBron should be thanked for choosing Miami as his destination in 2010, and Heat fans should recognize he's basically an alum taking over the world. LeBron loves to call his Heat tenure his college, which is a huge compliment if you think about it. Both sides won, and won big. Nobody should feel upset or remain petty. Breakups are rarely mutual.

Five Reasons Heat Fans Should Root for LeBron James
Photo by Keith Allison / Flickr

5. Rooting for LeBron is a great look for Heat fans.

Heat fans get the shit end of the stick. People are always bashing them regardless of attendance numbers or how the majority of fans conduct themselves. Chances for Miami fans to prove themselves are few and far between. Heat fans rooting for LeBron in the playoffs, and cheering him whenever he returns to the AAA, show Miami has a professional fan base, unlike Cleveland's fans, who damn near committed a mass felony against LeBron when he and the Heat went to Cleveland. Cavs fans acted like terrible people when LeBron left their team, and no one will ever forget that. Heat fans have already proven they are above that behavior, but taking an even higher road and rooting for LeBron would be a great look for the Magic City.

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