Five Reasons Carlos Gimenez Is The Wrong Man For The Job

Today is the day Miami-Dade voters who did not cast their ballots via absentee or during early voting days get their turn. With that said, we can't have y'all voting for former county Commissioner Carlos Gimenez, who is playing spoiler to Luther Campbell's chances to make the run-off against Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina. Don't let Gimenez siphon votes away from Uncle Luke, the real reform candidate. Here is why:

1. The Miami Herald's endorsement. Do you really want to go with the guy picked by an editorial board with a bad habit of selecting deadbeats? Not that Gimenez is one, but let's get real, any candidate who get's the nod from the Herald is doomed.

2. He does not support the strong mayor government. Gimenez favors a system in which the mayor has the power to hire and fire a professional manager to run the day-to-day operations of local government, but that's it. If Gimenez had his way, the mayor wouldn't be able to hire and fire anyone else working at county hall. That's the kind of government that you see in the city of Miami, where we have Mayor Tomas Regalado handing over the managerial reigns to his former chief-of-staff. And we've already seen what a mess former County Manager George Burgess left us in. Gimenez doesn't want the buck to stop with him, but rather someone he can blame things on when the shit hits the fan.

3. He takes contributions from folks doing business at the county. His campaign finance report is dominated by special interests who have a stake in Miami-Dade, whether it is companies vying for county contracts or developers seeking zoning approvals. He raised $12,050 from the law firm Bilzen Sumberg, which lobbies on behalf of dozens of clients with business pending at County Hall. He has accepted donations from firms that have a contract to provide transit services for the elderly and the handicapped.

4. He supports the port tunnel. While he may have won support from environmentalists for stating he would hold the line on the urban development boundary, Gimenez is one of the most vocal boosters for a billion dollar boondoggle in the making. Not only that, the port tunnel project could end up damaging Biscayne Bay with years of construction. Billed as the only way to funnel truck traffic into the Port of Miami away from downtown Miami, the port tunnel is going to create gridlock on the MacArthur Causeway.

5. He is a human sleeping pill. The man is boring. The only reason Gimenez is appealing to voters is because he looks like a shining white knight when you put him next to Julio Robaina. But he really hasn't offered any bold plans for making Miami-Dade a better place to live.

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