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Five New Year's Resolutions For South Florida Sports Fans

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We are only a week into 2015, and you've probably already broken a few of your New Year's resolutions; it happens. So why not come up with some new, easier ones while the year is still young? No, I'm not talking about deciding pizza is ok, as long as it's just cheese -- I'm saying why not make a South Florida sports fan New Year's resolution?

This is not shaping up to be the best year for South Florida sports, which means your teams need your support more than ever. It's easy to show your support for the Miami Heat when they are in the NBA Finals every year, but not so much when the team is five games below .500.

So tighten up your fandom this New Year and make some New Year's promises to yourself and the fan in you. It's just sports, you can still eat pizza.

Florida Panthers fans, in 2015 do something, anything, to spread the Panthers gospel.

The Florida Panthers don't suck? The Florida Panthers don't suck! Who is on the team? I have no frickin' idea! Guzovelzcheck? No? Was I close? In 2015 Panthers fans need to do anything and everything to support their team, I don't really care what it is -- just do it. Bring your daughters friends to the game. Make date night with your wife dinner and a Panthers game. Anything, dammit!

The team is better this year and people need to support hockey in South Florida before that concrete is used for more Sawgrass Mills Black Friday parking. I'm talking stickers on cars, jerseys, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE? Does anyone ever see anything Florida Panthers anywhere? How is this possible? Do better, Panthers fans.

Canes fans, in 2015 chill your Twitter flow. Recruits literally give zero shits about your opinion.

Every fan base has a percentage of jackasses that can't seem to figure out how to behave on Twitter. This isn't unique to Miami Hurricanes fans, but it's a problem nonetheless. If you really want to help lure kids to Miami, start off by going to more games this year; none of these kids want to play in front of 50,000 orange seats.

This goes for current players too, stop fighting with Felicia from Friday on Twitter, her son is all your team has at this point; stop pissing her off!

Marlins fans, in 2015 demand more from your team. It's time for them to make good on some promises.

This has to be the year Marlins fans decide whether or not they are just flat out suckers. Don't let a back loaded Giancarlo Stanton contract make you believe the team is committed to spending the kind of money they promised when you built them a stadium. The trades the team made to acquire MLB ready talent for prospects was a start, but the Marlins somehow found a way to get other teams to pay for those players -- you really can't even be mad at their hustle.

If the 2015 Marlins season doesn't go according to plan, and the team trades away talent, or just makes no real effort to improve the team for a playoff push -- it's that time to decide if you really should waste your time any longer on an owner running a Ponzi scheme disguised as a Major League Baseball team.

Dolphins fans, in 2015 stop being so defensive, and stop judging other teams' fans.

It's been so long since the Dolphins had a string of success, and it's turned Dolphins fans in cannibals. It's time to stop fighting with each other. For every negative Dolphins tweet or Facebook post there are seven Dolphins fans telling the author they "aren't a real fan" or asking "why they don't pick a different team to root for?" Not all Dolphins fans are created equal. Some of us have children going into high school next year who have never experienced a Dolphins playoff win -- it's frustrating.

Just because someone points out a flaw in Ryan Tannehill's game, it doesn't mean you have to jump to his defense like you're related to him; it's possible to root for a team or player, but also point out their flaws. Bottom line is, if you're a twenty-something Miami Dolphins fan, you get to tell older Dolphins fans nothing -- check back in with them after another decade of 7-9 seasons, I bet you are a little more jaded than you are today.

Miami Heat fans, in 2015 worry less about LeBron and more about the Heat.

This is the kicking cigarettes of Miami sports fans resolutions -- this one is going to be hard. As much fun as it is watching the Cleveland Cavs fail, we have to remember that the Miami Heat have been much worse; and if LeBron wanted to come back in 2015, there would be all of the pots-and-pan celebrations in the streets of Miami.

It won't be easy, but in 2015 we have to start moving on, and rooting for the Miami Heat to succeed, more than we do the Cavs to fail. It's understandable if you cheat on this resolution from time-to-time, just try to hide it better.

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