Five New Year's Resolutions for Miami's Sports Stars

Welcome to 2014, and the first day of your New Years resolution. Whether it be stopping smoking, losing weight, or making this the year you refuse to let the Dolphins trick you into thinking they will stop being mediocre -- we all have something we could improve in our lives.

South Florida sports figures are no different, so we've helped them out with some suggestions for their 2014 life fixes.

Stephen Ross: Fire Jeff Ireland

Stephen Ross should ring in the new year by firing Dolphins General Manger Jeff Ireland, giving himself a fresh start to 2014. Ross has changed everything from the logo, to the font, to the type of fabric the locker room towels are made of, it's time he gives his under performing front office a makeover.

LeBron James: Commit to Miami

Turns out LeBron James chose wisely the last time he dealt with this decision, he should re-up on the Miami in his life the second time around. All signs point to LeBron resigning with Miami this Summer, but it would be nice if he threw out a few more hints here and there.

Joe Philbin: Carry yourself with more confidence.

Philbin seems like a nice enough guy, but his sideline demeanor makes him come off as completely clueless, utterly in disbelief, and at times at a loss as to what to do next. Philbin probably doesn't realize he's making these faces during the game, but IF he returns, it would be nice if he at least gave the appearance he was control, of anything.

Dwyane Wade: Wrap it up.

Listen, no judgment here, if I was Dwyane Wade I would walk around South Beach in just a speedo TROLLING for ladies, all I'm saying is, wrap it up! News dropped Monday that Wade just had a third son by a woman he had sex with during a break in his relationship with Gabrielle Union. The child isn't the problem, it's having to deal with your side piece for life now. In 2014, put a raincoat on it.

Jeffrey Loria: Sell the Marlins. Please.

Baseball in Miami is dead, Loria killed it. Sure, hundreds of fans flock to Marlins Park to see players the team will soon trade, but they would come see anything really. This is the year, that Loria should pocket his huge profits, and leave us the hell alone already. Fans can deal with losing, but they don't like being lied to, and they like being robbed even less.

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