First Twitter-Themed Cruise to Set Sail from Miami in November

A Dutch airline had already booked up an entire flight to Miami using Twitter, so it was only a matter of time until a cruise ship company tries the same. This November, Norwegian Cruise Lines will set sail with what its claiming is the world's first Twitter-themed cruise. Personally, a vacation for us means a chance to temporarily cut our ties from all our gadgets, but apparently some people can't wait to Tweet about sunbathing on a cruise ship deck.

Norwegian says its teamed with "members of the South Florida social media community" to put together the #SeaTweetup. And by South Florida social media community they apparently mean co-sponsors listed on the Facebook page like an accounting firm, a marketing firm, the Soul of Miami blog, and some guy who, according to the site IAmJeffCohen.com, literally is Jeff Cohen.

"Social Media is all about relationships and group cruising is the best way to strengthen relationships as well as create new ones," reads the cruise's PR material.

It seems to have an over-optimistic view on both social media and group cruising, but we're the kind of people who like to use Twitter to complain and make ourselves look busy when we're alone in public. Clearly people have found less misanthropic uses for social media, and would probably like to get away for the weekend from people like us who just jam their Twitter feeds with narcissistic nonsense. Now it all makes sense.

Because Twitter favors brevity, the cruise itself is only three days and takes participants to the Bahamas. It will leave from Miami on November 18 and rates start at $271.32.

The cruise will include networking events, social media panels, and obviously access to the ships WiFi network so participants can Tweet, and Tumblr and Instagram their way through the weekend.

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