First Coach to Eventually Get Fired by Parcells is Almost Onboard

Dan Henning has emerged as the leading candidate to land the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator’s job. Henning has held jobs with the Falcons, Redskins and even Don Shula’s Dolphins for a while. Remember those Dolphins teams of 1979-1980? Me neither.

Henning was most recently the OC for the Carolina Panthers. Which all means, under his leadership, the Fins will be approximately 7% better than a team made up of midgets and hobos.

Giants QB coach Chris Palmer is no longer the front-runner for the job. But I say we wait for Palmer. Anyone who can do what he’s done with Eli Manning needs to be down here working with John Beck. Because just like Aqua Man can communicate with fish and make them do what he wants, Palmer can communicate with goofy white QBs who are devoid of personalities and can’t say the word “fuck” and make them good quarterbacks.

Meanwhile, reached for comment about the job, Henning said: “I’m the front runner for the Dolphins OC job? Shit. Taxi! Taxi!!!!” -- Chris Joseph

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Tovin Lapan