First Angel Cast in Miami-set Relaunch of Charlie's Angels

Television audiences are apparently totally sick of new and innovative concepts, so Hollywood has decided to give them crappy reworks of old shows. Yes, ABC is planning on bringing Charlie's Angels back to your boob tube but with some hot new twists: it'll be set in Miami and will be appropriately less white. The pilot has been given the green light, and the voice of Charlie and one of his angels have already been cast.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Annie Ilonzeh has been cast as one the angels. She's spent less than a year on General Hospital and has a few other credits on shows like Entourage and Melrose Place.

Deadline says she'll be playing Kate, "a very smart and very athletic ex-cop and a master of martial arts. She is the most serious of our 3 Angels but also knows how to let her hair down and have a great time."

Hollywood vet Robert Wagner, who let's be honest, modern audiences only remember for playing Number Two in the Austin Powers shows, will voice Charlie. Unlike those Mike Meyers movies though, the new Angels reboot is said to be shying away from camp and erring towards serious subject matter.

The show's pilot is set to be shot in Miami sometime soon with a script penned by the creators of Smallville.

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