Fire Fee's Back. It's Manny Diaz's Fault!

I hate Mayor Manny Diaz, big-time lawyer Hank Adorno, and former Miami City Manager Joe Arriola because they screwed the public.

I was reminded of it yesterday when I received a note in the mail saying I might be able to get $140 or so from the fire fee settlement --which is worth about $17 million.

You remember the genesis of this right? Adorno, Diaz and Arriola met secretly at breakfast back in 2004 or so and worked out a deal to refund seven people the millions of dollars in fire fees that had been improperly paid by thousands of homeowners. The commission, suckers that they are, later approved the deal after less than a minute of discussion.

So far the city has sent out more than 180,000 notices and paid a cool $400K JUST TO TELL people that they are owed money.

A judge is likely to approive the settlement very soon. Then I'll get my small amount oif cash. But it won't soothe my anger. Joe's gone. Manny should be next!

Chuck Strouse

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