Fins Need a Win, The Rest is Meaningless

Everybody wants Cam Cameron fired. But who do we replace him with? Bill Cowher? Bill Parcells? SI’s Peter King warns us of the Siren Song of the Big Name Coach, which we as a franchise have fallen for time and time again. I didn’t think Peter King was capable of anything other than verbally sucking off Brett Favre at every chance he got and eating an entire Christmas ham in one sitting. But the tubby bastard has a point that I happen to agree with here. The football-savvy just oozes out of him like warm gravy. Or is that actual warm gravy?

Meanwhile, the Cleo Lemon or John Beck debate has begun. Which, at this point, has become like choosing between the chick with the goiter or the chick with the mustache.

Look, given the state of shit around here, I don’t want to debate coaches and QBs right now. I just want a fucking win. And I want these douchegobblers to get their heads out of their asses and deliver one to me, STAT. We’re 0-13! We have three more games to try and avoid becoming the stars of ESPN Classic's The Biggest Fuckups In NFL History with your host, Steve Sabol.

The proverbial monkey on our collective back has evolved from being just a regular monkey -- taunting us and throwing shit at anyone within three feet of us -- into Dr. Zaius -- scoffing at our notion of science and warning us not to go into the Forbidden Zone.

So yea, everything else is pretty meaningless right now. Just. Win. -- Chris Joseph

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