Fightin' Ned Gets His Own T-Shirt

The apotheosis of A'mod Ned continues. Last fall the injured FIU football player was photographed walking onto the field on crutches to try to join the notorious brawl between UM and FIU players.

Shortly thereafter, the bloggers at Deadspin began Photoshopping the be-crutched Ned into legendary battles, including the D-Day invasion.

Then, near the end of a rambling Deadspin discussion (which grew out of a post about a scultpure of a horse with Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho's face), T-shirt maker Matt Johnson received an unusual request: "Is the one on the way the Ned shirt? PLEASE tell me it's the Ned shirt. I will dedicate a post to you in the vein of the CC one if it's the Ned shirt."

"I was hesitant to do it," Johnson tells New Times. "There wasn't going to be much profit in it, but I figured out something really quick. An hour later it was up. There's been three orders so far which is two more than I honestly


Ned fans can buy theirs here. Soldier on, A'mod! --Frank Houston

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