Fidel Castro's Columns Just Keep Getting More Bizarre

Fidel Castro is apparently undeterred by American speculation about the recent brevity and downright bizarreness of his Reflection of Fidel newspaper column. The retired dictator dropped not one but two new pieces in the state media yesterday. One was some nonsense about yoga, while the other was about science and religion. We think. 

Here's column number one, dubbed "Unimaginable." 

YOGIS do things with the human body which are beyond our imagination. There they are, before our eyes, via images arriving instantaneously from vast distances, through Pasaje a lo Desconocido [Cuban TV program]

That's it. Apparently he's gotten into yoga in his old age. Or maybe he's just watching a badly dubbed, bootleg version of "Yogi the Bear."

"Look at those bears talking, wearing neckties, and mimicking the human body. That is beyond my imagination" Fidel thought. "Truly unimaginable."

"And note how they keep up socialist ideals of sharing all resources by stealing those picnic baskets. That food should be shared by all. These bears are true revolutionaries."

In a second column yesterday entitled "The universe and its expansion," Castro reflects on science and religion:

I respect all religions, although I do not share them. Human beings seek explanations for their existence, from the most ignorant to the wisest.

Science is constantly seeking to explain the laws which govern the universe. At this very moment, they see it during a period of expansion which began some 13.7 billion years ago.

Good to know, we guess.

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