Fidel Castro: Still Dead. Or Alive.

It’s Friday, amigos, and you know what that means: another wave of Fidel death rumors! It would be so darned convenient if Raul and Co. announced El Maximo Lider’s death today, wouldn’t it? We’ve got a three day weekend, perfect for 72 hours of freedom-loving fiestas.

Let’s take a look at the Internets over the past week and see what the latest buzz is over Fidel. Just in case you haven’t been keeping track:

Yesterday, The Economist published a piece detailing how three Cuban political prisoners have been released from jail in as many weeks. But it’s not all good news: “Still languishing inside various jails are 61 of the 75 dissidents who were arrested in March 2003 during an unprecedented clampdown on political opponents.”

Castro (or his ghost) penned a rambling editorial this week in the island's communist rag Granma. He weighed in on the U.S. presidential race and said that a Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama ticket would be "invincible." Hillary and Barack must be thrilled.

Cuba also decided this week not to send their boxers to the world championships in Chicago in October. This comes just weeks after two Cuban boxers tried to defect at the Pan American Games in Brazil.

And finally, our hometown hero Pitbull explained on Mun2 why Che Guevara t-shirts are offensive. Has anyone considered Pitbull as a possible president of Cuba? He seems to have a way with the kids (just like Fidel once did) and he's muy sexy. Ay que rico!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.