Fidel Castro Officially Done Leading Cuba's Communist Party

​What's the Cuban equivalent of Boca? And is there a Spanish-language version of "Thank You for Being a Friend" out there? If so, cue it up because Fidel is apparently headed for the land of Metamucil, 2 p.m. bingo games and that slow, lazy march toward death.

Castro has announced in a column that he's resigned from the island's Communist Party leadership -- a job he's held for forty-six years. He's also calling on a younger generation of bearded leaders (yes, they must be bearded) to step up to the plate.

Castro assumed leadership of the Communist Party -- and the title of first secretary of its Central Committee -- as soon as it was officially created in 1965.

His resignation comes after a Party summit where some fairly big reforms were adopted, including his brother Raul's proclamation that leaders be limited to two five-year terms. Party leaders are also debating a number of economic fixes meant to boost Cuba's stagnating markets.

Fidel writes that he likes Raul's changes to the party, saying that a "new generation is being called upon to rectify and change without hesitation everything that should be rectified and changed."

So does Fidel's resignation actually mean anything? Who knows, especially as long as his brother is running the show and working as Fidel-by-proxy.

But there's a reason there are no wild parties on Calle Ocho this morning. Until the old bugger leaves the retirement home and actually kicks the bucket, he's still running the show as far as Miami is concerned.

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