What's more believable: Obama's Change or his Doppelganger?

Fauxbama Causes Doubletakes in Denver

Barack Obama's walking the streets of Denver this week. He speaks fluent Spanish and claims to have been born in Cuba. Well not exactly. Obama-boy isn't making a shameless attempt at capturing the Hispanic vote by rewriting his biography. The guy's a doppelganger sent by Miami-based Spanish news channel América Tevé, preserving the proud tradition of Floridians causing wacky commotion at national political events.

Up until a few months ago, Gerardo Puisseaux was just a local construction worker. Then producers from América Tevé decided to take advantage of the uncanny resemblance to the candidate. So they sent Puisseaux around town posing as the real McObama. When they first sent out Fauxbama out during the United States Conference of Mayors back in June, he elicited genuine cheers and jeers. It worked so well the producers decided to take Puisseaux with them to Denver this week, which is probably a lot more fun for them than actually covering all that blather.

Puisseaux has been causing more false Obama sightings around town than Elvis sightings printed in The Weekly World News. Obama may have change you can believe in, but he has a body double you can't.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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