Fate of Both Jacory Harris' Thumbs and Jason Taylor Still Up In the Air

Before this ordeal, we had no idea how serious thumb surgery can be. Canes QB Jacory Harris went in for surgery on his opposing digits shortly after last season and still isn't able to throw a ball. However coach Randy Shannon says he should be doing what it is QBs do next month. There might even be a bright side.

"You take something away from somebody, it wakes a lot of guys up," Coach Shannon said at a press conference. "I think that happened to Jacory. It makes you see things. A lot of times he was like, 'Why did he make that throw? What was he thinking?' If he were in the same situation, would he make that throw? I think he saw things from a coaches' perspective and not a player's perspective. It makes guys understand what needs to be done." [PBPost]

Meanwhile, the Jason Taylor melodrama continues.

Fins GM Jeff Ireland seems to indicate that the team's decision on whether they want JT back or not will wait until after the draft. Which is too bad for the fans and media who've already decided that, yes, they do indeed want JT back.

If the team drafts an outside linebacker, it might mean the end of the road for Taylor and the Fins. Of course, if the team doesn't draft a quality outside linebacker and Taylor signs somewhere else in the meantime, it may mean the Fins are screwed. Honestly, with the way the team is handling this, it might be deserved. [Herald]

  • JT has met twice now with the Jets, but left without committing to anything. [TampaBay]
  • Oh hey, Timothy Tebow is going to be on the cover of NCAA Football 11. How not surprising. [OSent]
  • Randy Shannon dropped by Miami Central High School to honor students. [NBCMiami]

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