Fans Really Want the Rock to Be the Next Hurricanes Head Coach
Photo by Eva Rinaldi's Flickr | CC2.0

Fans Really Want the Rock to Be the Next Hurricanes Head Coach

The Golden era at the U turned out to be nothing more than brass, and now the Hurricanes are on the hunt for a new head coach. Names like former FIU coach Mario Cristobal and former Canes coach Butch Davis are the most frequently cited in media reports, but fans on Twitter are floating another unorthodox candidate: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 

Dubbed "Beyoncé for boys," the Rock is probably one of the most beloved men in the country. Long before that string of box-office action hits and even those WWE championships belts, however, Dwayne Johnson was number 94 on the Hurricanes 1991 national championship team. Sure, back then his nickname was just "Dewey," and he started for the team only once (which tends to happen when you're playing the same position on the same team as Warren Sapp). And he didn't go on to success in the NFL like so many of his teammates, but he's clearly one of the most successful and beloved Hurricane alumni of all time. 

Look, sharing a stadium and an overlapping fan base means the Miami Dolphins' decision to fire their own faltering head coach and their subsequent turnaround under interim coach Dan Campbell likely only made Hurricanes fans' resolve to have Golden pink-slipped stronger. Campbell is a ripped, charismatic guy. Sometimes it seems as if he's willing the Dolphins to win by the sheer strength of personality alone. Johnson has all of those qualities times ten. 

Sure, he hasn't been involved in football for about 20 years. Yeah, he has absolutely zero coaching experience. But it's easy to fantasize about him being the answer the U needs. 

Sure, the Canes reportedly are ready to offer any head coach only $3 million a year — at most. Which is considerably small beans to a guy who can command $20 million for a film role. And according to IMDb, he's already got film roles lines up until 2019. 

So it goes without saying this will remain a fantasy, but the Rock himself does have ideas on what traits the next coach should have.

Maybe UM couldn't bring Johnson in to interview for the job himself, but we're all for the next coach being required to pass an interview with the Rock.

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