Other Fans Say Miami Has One of the Least Annoying Fan Bases, Survey Finds

When Miami sports teams start kicking ass again, we expect this all to change.
When Miami sports teams start kicking ass again, we expect this all to change. Photo by Gmartnx
Miami sports fans have some unfortunate recent experience with ranking near last. Between the Marlins losing 100 games, the Heat missing the playoffs, and the Dolphins doing their damnedest to ensure they don't win a game again this year, rooting on the local teams has been quite the chore lately. A new survey, though, finally gives Miami sports fans a reason to be proud.

Insight Pest Solutions recently collected more than 13,500 responses from fans who answered the question: Which sports teams bug you the most? Surprisingly, all of Miami's teams (and the Florida Panthers) found themselves at or near the bottom of franchises that annoy. It's true that nobody is annoyed by a loser and maybe everyone forgot about us, but either way, it's finally good to see Miami ranking positively.

The numbers break down like this: Just 2.25 percent of those surveyed chose Heat fans as most annoying, 0.19 percent said the same of Marlins fans, and only 0.21 percent picked Dolphins fans. For perspective, the teams that annoyed fans the most are the New England Patriots (34.5 percent), the L.A. Lakers (33.9 percent), and the New York Yankees (32.75 percent).

While Heat fans actually garnered a decent number, 2.25 percent was barely above average compared to other NBA teams and likely on its way down as the franchise gets further away from the dominance of the LeBron era. However, with Jimmy Butler in the fold and a gritty team in 2019, cocky Heat fans could be back next year.

Marlins and Dolphins fans barely registered in this survey. This is unsurprising, as most people need to be reminded the Marlins exist and nobody has ever met a Dolphins fan who challenged them. Most of the time, people feel sorry for them. If anything, being around a Dolphins fan who complains nonstop would be annoying, but it seems those surveyed don't live in South Florida. Otherwise, the results might have been different.

NHL-wise, Panthers fans, like Marlins fans, barely made a blip in the poll. Panthers fans hit at just 0.36 percent, second only to Arizona Coyote fans as least annoying, with Boston Bruins fans ranking highest at 19.7 percent.

So there you have it — something to cheer you up before the San Diego Chargers beat the Dolphins by 30 this Sunday and the Marlins play their final game. Nobody thinks we're annoying anymore. When Miami sports teams start kicking ass again, we expect this all to change. 
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Ryan Yousefi is a freelance writer for Miami New Times, a lover of sports, and an expert consumer of craft beer and pho. Hanley Ramirez once stole a baseball from him and to this day still owes him $10.