Fake Cops Pull Over, Rob Swedish Tourists

Two Swedish tourists got more than they bargained for when their antsy cab driver honked at a car in front of him. The drivers of the other car got out, pretended to be cops, patted the tourists and the driver down, and made off with their luggage.

The cab was stopped at an intersection near Northwest 37th Avenue and 14th Street. The cab driver, apparently frustrated that the silver Toyota Corolla in front of them wasn't make a right turn, decided to honk.

The men in the Corolla then got out of the car and approached the taxi. They identified themselves as cops and made the tourists and driver get out of the car. One man started hitting the driver's side window and started screaming obscenities. The other stood on the other side with what looked like a badge. The men claimed they were searching the car for drugs, patted all three victims down, and searched the Swedes' luggage.

The men then ordered the victims back into the cab, but made off with the luggage. Jewelry, wallet, and a camera were inside.

After investigating, real police discovered the same men had unsuccessfully tried to shake down a woman at a gas station in a similar fashion.

Both men are described as white Latin men in their 30s and 5'10. Suspect one is about 240 pounds, has gold teeth, dark hair and a scar on his left forearm. Suspect two is 190 pounds. Anyone with information is asked to call Miami Police at 305-603-6370.

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Kyle Munzenrieder