Ex-Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez Is Totally Ripped, Wearing a Speedo UPDATED

What happens when your political career is blown to smithereens by an angry electorate and a billionaire car dealership mogul? If you're Carlos Alvarez, the former Miami-Dade mayor who was booted from office in the largest recall of a local politician on March 15, 2011, you become a Bizarro version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The 60-year-old Cuban American politician, elected in 2004 after serving as the county's police director for seven years, has been hitting the gym and getting RIPPED. He is truly Alcalde Fuerte now.

UPDATE: Turns out we predicted Alvarez's nascent body building career the day he was kicked out of county hall.

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UPDATE: We had an inkling Alvarez was a gym rat and would excel at muscle competitions. On March 15, 2011, we posted our doctored image of the ex-mayor:

We included the following caption: "Alvarez us going to have a lot more time on his hands to hit the gym so he might as well make the most of it and train for the Mr. Olympia tournament."

After a disastrous seven-year run as mayor of a community with 2.4 million residents, Alvarez could become the oldest dude to compete for a best body competition -- the exact opposite of Schwarzenegger.

The Austrian-born actor parlayed being the youngest contestant to win the Mr. Olympia body building championship into an iconic Hollywood career that helped him win two terms as California governor.

Obviously, Alvarez is not gonna become a blockbuster action star. But he's got the muscles to compete professionally. In fact, Alvarez beat Jim Green in the Masters 60-plus Heavyweight competition at the November 24, 2012 National Physique Competition South Florida body building tournament.

We've got the photos to prove it. Feel free to compare how close we got with our dinky cut and paste image posted above:

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