Every Wingnut Hates Crist

Charlie Crist, our new official Republican Boyfriend, was on Meet The Press this weekend carrying on his love affair with the stimulus package. Meanwhile, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, also known as 1/3 of Ronald Reagan's soul-equivalent (Reagan, as most historians agrees, was indeed soulless) reincarnated in the body of a 12-year-old Indian-American boy, announced that he would not accept some of President Obama's dirty stimulus money.

Now of course the Republican base (all 12 people) hate Crist even more and love Jindal so, so much, because the Republican ideology has been reduced to pretty much disagreeing with everything that President Obama says.

Powerful wingnut blog Red State implores fellow wingnuts to build up "a great

storehouse of Crist anecdotes showing how terrible he is so that he's

radioactive by 2012." So, um, basically spread a bunch of dirty stories about him.

Meanwhile George P. Bush, son of Jebbers, attacked Crist, though not by name, at a speech in front of young conservatives -- basically a room full of mirrors and Ashley "Backwards B-face" Todd. The d-bag even called him a "D-light."

The BS report calls him

a "wishy-washy moderate," and wants the GOP to run a true conservative

against him in the Republican primary in 2012. Which is surely what a

diminished party should do, attack one of their more popular governors.

Meanwhile Katharyn Jean-Lopez at the National Review Online

oddly links to her Facebook wall to say that people on social-networking site hate

Charlie Crist. Or something.

That being said, Charlie Crist

remains immensely popular in an important bellwether state. Floridians

apparently approve of Crist-esque Republicanism in droves. While it is

quite clear from the past two election cycles that Americans are fed up

with Republican status quo. So it's strange that Republican pundits

continue to sharpen their claws for Charlie. Of course, they seem to have this weird fetish for ideological purity.

Democrats found

sucess by enlarging their party's tent and embracing moderates.

Meanwhile, the Republicans seem intent on chopping Crist, and others who

represent the moderate tent pole of their party, down. Maybe the

purported "party of Lincoln" is thinking "a house divided against

itself cannot stand." Though, we've always thought Lincoln meant that

more in the vein of "don't turn against each other because of

differences," and less in the vein of "purge everyone from your house

who doesn't agree with you."

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