Everglades Airboat Captain's Hand Eaten By Gator, Later Recovered From Gator's Stomach

Talk about an occupational hazard. An airtboat captain lost his hand to the jaws of an alligator while giving a tour of the Everglades on Tuesday. Though, officials were later able to capture the gator and retrieve the man's hand. 

The victim has not yet been publicly identified,

but NBC2 says

the man works for Captain Doug's Everglades Tours in Everglades City. He was giving a tour yesterday afternoon around 3:45 PM when the attack happened. 

"I was kind of freaked out about that because that's kind of weird," said Everglades City resident Sarah Goff told the news station. "You don't feed them. They can get used to that and get aggressive."

The man was transferred to a hospital in Naples. 

Officials were later able to track down the gator, and retrieved the man's hand from inside its stomach. The animal was euthanized. 

The hand was then also sent to the hospital, but its unclear at this time whether or not it can be reattached. 

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