Even Miami Fans Can't Believe How Well the Dolphins Played Sunday
Photo by Michelle Eve Sandberg

Even Miami Fans Can't Believe How Well the Dolphins Played Sunday

The Miami Dolphins beat the Buffalo Bills 28-25 Sunday behind a 200-yard rusher, a tough defense, and a clutch, deep-bomb touchdown pass. It might or might not be a coincidence this happened the same day The Walking Dead returned. This might be our clearest sign the end times are fast approaching. You might want to ready your boats at the ports. Stock them with canned goods and bottled water. 

The Dolphins have been so un-Dolphinsy the past two weeks that it almost makes you mad. This team — a team built around a dominant offensive line and solid pass rush — was the team we all signed up for. Through the first five games of the year, though, it was no where to be found.

Still, what's important is it's happening now, and it's glorious. 

Jay Ajayi was once again a beast yesterday. His second consecutive 200-yard game (214 yards on 29 carries) consistently put the Dolphins in a position to succeed. His energetic running spread energy throughout the team. Now that the Dolphins' line is 100 percent healthy, it seems as if they will be able to lean on the run game for the rest of the season. 

The win over Buffalo was impressive. So impressive that Dolphins fans weren't completely sure if it was real. 

The Fins are now suddenly 3-4, good for third in the East, with winnable games against the New York Jets and San Diego Chargers coming up. Is this just the latest tease to trick fans into thinking the Dolphins can contend, or has the team really turned the corner? 

Time will tell, but there's no shame in preordering that Ajayi jersey.  

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