Even Blagojevich Criticizes Crist's Senate Pick

Rod Blagojevich criticizing anyone for making a shady appointment to a Senate seat is sort of like Kanye West chastising someone for awards-show misbehavior. But then again, egomaniacs aren't really that self-aware. 

Blago went on Fox and Friends this morning to pimp his upcoming book and argued he wasn't trying to sell Barack Obama's empty seat but rather, according to The Hill, "he was merely trying to use his state's open Senate seat as leverage to create new jobs and prevent a future tax hike." 

Hey, at least he didn't sink to Crist-like levels:

"I could have named my wife if I wanted to," Blagojevich said of his Senate appointment, adding that his team had looked into such possibilities as Oprah and Valerie Jarrett. "Look at what Gov. [Charlie] Crist (R) did in Florida -- he put his chief of staff in there to hold the seat warm for him so he could run for the U.S. Senate. I didn't do any of those things."

If you ask us, we'll stick to our line that governors shouldn't have the sole power to make Senate appointments in the first place.

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