Even After A Beating, Bulls Fans Still Want Some Wade

There are a lot of Bulls fans out there who salivate at the idea of Dwyane Wade in their red, white, and black jersey. To them, signing Wade is a right, considering the guy was born in Chicago and idolized Michael Jordan as a kid (then again, who didn't?). Even after Wade single-handedly lifted the Heat to a thrilling win against the has-been team last night, there's no hard feelings. They want him more than ever.

There was a considerable amount of buzz that the Bulls wanted to draft him in 2003, but the Heat scooped him up as their 5th pick. That loss has haunted them ever since.

With free agent status nearing, the Chicago sports press has been working its critical thinking skills overtime for the past year trying to figure out how Wade could end up in the United Center.

From The Chicago Tribune circa Jan. 2008: "Wade can become a free agent after the 2009-10 season, which is when

Ben Wallace's deal ends. The Bulls could be a major free-agent player

then, and while it is a long time to wait, Wade will be just 28 and in

his prime."

Today, from The Chicago Sun-Times: "Next year, Wade will be a free agent. Thanks in part to their deadline

deals, the Bulls have available cap space. Wade grew up in Robbins

dreaming of being Michael Jordan. Here's his chance. If he signed with

the Bulls it could be 1991 all over again. Imagine it."

By the end of the column though, writer Neil Hayes realizes it's not likely and Bulls nation sheds a single tear.  

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.