ESPN Analyst Tweets LeBron James Leaving Cavs, Considering Heat

We have no idea how much to believe Jalen Rose, an ESPN analyst (read: not an actual reporter) and former player, but he Tweeted today that there's no way LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers next season.

#NBA BREAKING NEWS (research/sources say) It is almost CERTAIN that LEBRON JAMES WILL NOT be returning to the CAVS! (Bulls/Heat/Clips)

What's that little parenthetical there with the Heat's name in it, hmm?

He elaborates:

#NBA as of 2day the Bulls have the best chance of landing LBJ...Miami would need to make more roster moves...Clips have a punchers chance!

Ha! So apparently even LeBron and Dwyane Wade on the same roster isn't good enough for LeBron. Unless, hmmm, that roster change means Wade leaving so LeBron can be the sole king of Miami. Hold up, we are reading way too much into this.

Rose's tweet is mostly being ignored by the mainstream media, but the Chicago Daily-Herald (which is obviously excited about the Bulls news) points out: "Rose is often credited for giving the nickname "World Wide Wes" to NBA superfriend William 'Wes' Wesley, who is tight with James, so maybe Rose has good sources."

An "Update" from an article from The Onion entitled "Speculation About Where LeBron Will Play Could End When He Signs Contract":

"When he agrees to play for a new team and has an introductory press conference with them--or when he re-signs with Cleveland--that's when I think we'll have a better idea which way LeBron is leaning," ESPN analyst Jalen Rose said during Tuesday's edition of SportsCenter, adding that a good indicator as to where James' head is at might come in late October, when James will be wearing a basketball uniform for the season opener.

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