"Entitled Diva Bitch": CNN Dumps One Miami-Based Talking Head for Attacking Another

Roger Stone and Ana Navarro are both Republican political operatives who are now better known for their roles as TV talking heads. Both have ties to candidates in the race, both live in Miami, and both are frequently seen giving their opinions on CNN. 

That's quite a bit in common between the two, but that's about where the similarities end. Apparently, they don't like each other very much. Or, at least, Stone doesn't like Navarro. In fact, CNN has cut ties with Stone, a Donald Trump surrogate, after Stone posted a string of tweets attacking Navarro, including some tinged with sexist and racist language.  That last one, dating back to 2011, appears to be an ethnically tinged rewriting of a line from Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back." Stone is an interesting figure. He once dragged New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin to swingers club Miami Velvet for an interview. He cut his teeth in politics working for Richard Nixon and has carried on that president's reputation for dirty tricks (plus he has Nixon's face tattooed his back). He's also well known for his immaculately tailored, dandy-ish suits. At his peak, he worked for Ronald Reagan, but his operative star has fallen in recent times. He last made waves in local politics by managing the unsuccessful campaign of comedian Steve Berke for Miami Beach mayor.

He used to lobby on behalf of Trump's businesses and briefly consulted with Trump in 2000 when he considered running then. By 2008, Trump was quoted in that same New Yorker piece as calling Stone a "stone-cold loser." The two briefly made up this summer. Stone advised the campaign for a bit but was quickly let go (ironically because Stone disagreed with Trump's attacks on Megyn Kelly). However, he still holds a pro-Trump stance. Though, technically he says he has now devoted himself to making sure Hillary Clinton doesn't get into office. (He has a book out about the Clintons. Once chapter includes a claim that Bill has a secret biracial son.)

Navarro, meanwhile, once served as a Jeb Bush appointee and has a long history of working campaigns in Florida. She's raised her media star this cycle and has also scored a recurring gig on The View

It's unclear what started the bad beef between the two, but it is clear that Stone doesn't like Bush and that Navarro doesn't like Trump. Stone wrote an entire e-book calling the Bushes a "crime family." Meanwhile, Trump once tweeted out a link to a petition calling for Navarro's firing from CNN. 

For her part, Navarro has no idea why she has attracted Stone's scorn.  Turns out it's Stone who has been cut from the network after the string of tweets surfaced on Media Matters. In addition to attacking Navarro, Stone also lashed out at former CNN analyst Roland Martin. In one tweet, he called Martin a "fat negro." In another tweet directed at Martin, he wrote, "Who made you God, Fattass? Eat somemore Popeye's."

CNN then later confirmed to Media Matters that "he will no longer appear on CNN." Stone had appeared on the channel seven times in the past month. 

Stone, naturally, replied to the ban on Twitter. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder