Embarassing Bush-Era Case Stumbling to Predictably Shameful Ending

Twice before, the government tried to build a laughably flimsy case that six poor Haitian guys from Liberty City were getting ready to "wage a ground war against the United States," in the silly words of disgraced uber-clown Alberto Gonzalez.

Twice before, juries deadlocked and couldn't come up with a verdict against the so-called "Liberty City Six."

This time around -- the third time being the charm and all -- U.S. District Judge Joan Lenard came up with a novel solution: toss the juror threatening a deadlock off the panel! 

Considering this is the same judge who refused to pay a private investigator for his work in the last go-around of this case because he made her all kinds of angry by daring to talk to New Times, this perhaps shouldn't come as a surprise.

The new jury -- minus two members now after another juror went home sick, perhaps nauseated by the fumes of Bush era politics hovering around the proceedings -- gets back to work this morning in downtown Miami.

The whole charade would be hilarious if not for the tens of thousands in taxpayer money being wasted, the memories of the bad old days it stirs up and the lingering feeling that a huge miscarriage of justice is underway at the Wilkie D. Ferguson Courthouse. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.