Jose D. Duran
People gathered at PS14, located on the fringes of downtown Miami, to watch the election results.

Election Night: Hipsters at PS14 Forgo Apathy in Support of Obama

"I'm nervous," says a young woman with an Obama sticker carefully placed in the middle of her shirt. We asked if she voted. "No, I can't. I'm not a citizen," she responds. Still that didn't deter her from wanting to take part in the democratic process and watch last night's election results at PS14, a dive bar located on the fringes of downtown Miami, with a group of 20 or so hipsters.

Funny thing is "apathetic" is usually the word used to describe hipsters, people who really don't stand for anything expect for looking painfully cool and partying hard. But this election seemed to mobilize the group. Miami alone had a Hipsters for Obama group and local parties invited Democratic candidates to mingle with its patrons.

Jose D. Duran
Everybody takes a shot after its announced Barack Obama has won the election.

"But what if he doesn't win," chimes in another 20-something woman. At this point Obama was leading the electoral votes, with only 10 minutes until the polls in the west coast closed. We explained to her that it was Obama's race to lose and even if he lost Florida, the guaranteed wins in California, Washington and Oregon would be enough to push him over the 270 electoral votes needed.

Sure enough, after 11 p.m., MSNBC declares Obama the president elect, and on cue the DJ blasts "Movin' On Up" the theme song to The Jeffersons. Everyone claps to the beat as they sing along. People hug each other, seemingly in relief that the era of a Republican-controlled federal government is over.

A few minutes later, John McCain pops up on the screen to give his concession speech from the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. The crowd gathered in the bar listens carefully, grinning as they see the dreams of a man who so badly wanted to be president of United States crushed. When McCain mentions Sarah Palin, everyone quickly boos at the monitor and someone screams "Fuck you!" Palin looks visibly heartbroken that she won't be just a heartbeat away from being president.

After McCain wraps up his speech, the DJ blasts Ray Charles "Hit The Road Jack." People start to giggle. "Doesn't it feel great?" someone exclaims.

-- Jose D. Duran

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