Eight Months After Deadly Hit-and-Run Crash, Ferrari Driver Hasn't Been Charged

It ended with a boom: a 40-year relationship and two lives -- one dead and gone, the other alive and alone. Jorge Arrojas and his partner, Miguel Larrieu, were heading home, fresh from a dinner party in Bal Harbour around midnight last August 10 on I-75 when a red 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia smacked the couple's Hyundai at close to 100 mph.

As the Hyundai somersaulted right, the sports car, its front end accordioned, skidded left into the grassy median. Larrieu, a 63-year-old retired engineer, found his partner unconscious and slumped over. By the time authorities arrived, the driver of the disabled Ferrari had run off; Arrojas was pronounced dead on the scene.

"If there is a God," a tearful Larrieu says today, "he was watching over me that day."

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Kyle Swenson