Eight-Foot-Tall Lego Man Washes Up On Florida Beach

In Florida we're used to things like whales, cocaine and various human body parts washing up on our beaches, but sun seekers on Siesta Key were in for something of a surprise this morning when they discovered an eight-foot-tall Lego man had mysteriously wound up sitting in the sand.

Jeff Hindman was the first to discover the strange sight, and according to the Sarasota Herald Tribune, at first he thought it was a sea animal that had washed ashore. Once he got closer, he discovered it was an 100-pound fiberglass Lego man wearing a T-shirt that proclaims: "No real than you are."

Hindman picked it up and stood it upright before cops got involved, the paper reports:

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office was called, and responding deputies did not know what to do with Lego-man or whom to return him to.

Deputies drove off with the Lego-man in a truck at about 11 a.m., with plans to keep it for 30 days in a property room to see if anyone claims ownership.

Is it some sort viral marketing scheme for the newly opened Legoland Florida? Well, only if a Dutch artist named Ego Leonard decided to sell out.

He's let similar statues wash up on the coasts of the Netherlands and England in previous years. Though, why he chose to pull his latest stunt on the sleepy isle near Sarasota remains a mystery. It appears to be his first work pulled off in America.

Here's video of his 2007 stunt in the Netherlands in which you can see the giant Lego dude basically body surfing.

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