Edison High's Treasurer Lisa Bradley Charged With Stealing $14K From Troubled School

Poor Miami Edison Senior High. Just a couple weeks ago, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho had to roll into Tally guns blazing just to keep the Little Haiti institution open; despite big gains from an F to a C ranking, the state could have forced Edison to close or become a charter school.

Carvalho staved off that disaster. But now comes another blow: The school's treasurer, 42-year-old Lisa Bradley, was arrested this week on charges that she stole more than $14,000 from Edison's already-bare coffers.

Bradley was arrested just after 5 p.m. on Tuesday after an investigation by Dade Schools Police and the Inspector General, who noticed a pattern of unexplained losses in the school's finances.

Police say they found that Bradley had been regularly forging her boss's name onto $500 checks -- at least 14 times she deposited the phony checks into her own personal account.

When statements later came in from the bank, she'd allegedly replace her name from the payouts with a school vendor.

At her first court hearing, Bradley's mother said that her daughter "had a gambling problem" that led to the theft,The Miami Herald reports.

She faces fourteen felony counts of forging checks, one felony charge of official misconduct and one count, also a felony, of third-degree grand theft, according to court records.

Bradley had a clean record in Miami before this case, according to Riptide's records search.

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