Ecuadorean Military Base in Miami

News Item: (Reuters, October 23) Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa announced this morning in Naples, Italy that he will allow the United States to continue to operate its military base in in that South American country -- for which the lease expires in 2009 -- if he can open an Ecuadorean military base in Miami.

To which we at Miami New Times say: Absolutely YES!!!!

We love Ecuadorean food. Humitas (Ecuadorean tamales), mote (big corn) and of course, cui (broiled guinea pig). Ecuadorean coffee rocks and the music is pretty good, too.

Worst case scenario: Ecuador decides to join the axis of evil and invades the city. That wouldn't really be that bad either. I mean, Miami really is part of Latin America anyway, so they wouldn't be taking part of the United States. And besides, the Ecuadorean military has not proven to be the most effective on the continent -- just ask Peru.

Best case scenario: The Ecuadoreans take over the old Homestead Air Force base, which was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. And then we party en el estilo Quiteno

So to Correa, we say, Bienvenidos a the Magic City!

Chuck Strouse

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