Early Voting on Dolphins Stadium Referendum Begins Today, but Election May Still Be Cancelled

Polling sites will open today in Miami-Dade for an election that might not actually come to pass. Yes, you can head to several early-voting sites beginning today to cast your ballot on the contentious Dolphin Stadium renovation referendum, but the election might end up just getting cancelled.

No one has ever accused Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida of being beacons of democracy at its finest, so it's really no surprise we find ourselves in a position of voting in an election that might not even be officially held. 

The Dolphin Stadium vote is set for May 14, but as part of the agreement, the state legislature must pass legislation supporting the Miami Dolphins' quest to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in public money to upgrade their stadium.

That hasn't happened yet, and the legislative session ends May 3. So if the bill isn't passed by Friday, the election will be called off. 

As of Friday, Dolphins brass remained confident that the bill will pass -- publicly anyway.

"We remain very confident as we head into the last week that the elected officials in Tallahassee will allow the voters in Miami-Dade County to have the final say in this matter, and we're looking forward to the referendum on May 14," team CEO Mike Dee said, according to the Huffington Post

However, things aren't looking good. The Miami-Dade County Republican Party has officially opposed the plan, while the local Democratic Party remains skeptical. Of course, when it comes to these sorts of deals in Tallahassee, we're never really sure what to expect until it happens. 

In the meantime, it's up to you to figure out if its worth trudging to the polling places to cast an early vote. As of last week, 12,777 have already cast votes by absentee ballot, so you wouldn't be alone in casting a vote that could turn out to be meaningless. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder