Dwyane Wade Is Not the Only Thwarted Business Partner Richard von Houtman Pissed Off

Last month, we published "Dwyane's Disaster," an exposé of Dwyane Wade's business partner Baron Richard von Houtman, who's now embroiled in lawsuits with the Heat superstar. We've since received a few letters from readers claiming to have had dealings with the baron. None of them have been particularly nice.

The most entertaining account we've gotten so far comes from Reed Wallace, the South Florida Mixed Martial Arts manager. He fumes:

The guy met with me 5 times and told me he was going to invest in my MMA events and simply wasted my time. My last meeting with him and his girlfriend I told him he was a punk and a liar! Actually used worse words... He really pissed me off and wasted my time with his lies. I was told later by someone that introduced me to him that it really pissed him off that I belittled him in front of his girl. I did that on purpose. Now that I read your articles on him and see that he was violently beating and hurting his wives, girlfriends, etc. I'm sorry I didn't kick his ass! He's a true punk.

Unfortunately, Reed didn't return our calls so how exactly the Baron wasted his time will forever be a mystery. We would've loved to see that throw-down, though.

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