Dwyane Wade Is Being a "Groomzilla" Before His Wedding

Dwyane Wade is actually on the hunt for two types of rings this summer: his fourth NBA championship ring and, of course, a wedding ring. Apparently, one isn't necessarily taking precedence over the other at the moment.

His fiancée, Gabrielle Union, says Wade has turned into a "groomzilla" and has taken over planning the details of the wedding.

"We call him Groomzilla," she told People magazine. "I come in for like wine tasting and food. I'm like: What do we have? What are our colors? What is the date? I'm still waiting for a Save The Date so I know what the hell is going on."

"No, no. I'm doing wine tastings," Union previously said during a February appearance on Ellen. "He's -- secretly this is his princess moment. He has waited for this for a long time. He's been hoarding bridal magazines. He's very ready.

"Every aspect -- aspects I didn't even know went into wedding planning -- he is on. To have a centerpiece or not have a centerpiece? He has very strong opinions. No centerpieces. Who cares? He does!"

She apparently did, however, come around to his view on centerpieces, telling People that they obstruct the view and flow of conversation.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that a man who meticulously plans his wardrobe and pulled off a romantic proposal would take over planning the wedding. Plus, Wade doesn't seem to care so much for traditional gender stereotypes. He's got three championship rings. You don't. He's also got Gabrielle Union, which you certainly don't either.

Other details about the wedding haven't quite emerged, but the, uh, union is expected to happen sometime during the off-season.

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