Dwyane Wade Denies Shaquille O'Neal's Cheating Allegations From Our Leaked Emails

So in a November 2008 email conversation with Newsweek scribe Allison Samuels, Shaquille O'Neal casually mentioned that former teammate Dwyane Wade was romantically involved with actress Lauren London.

Well, actually he said: "Loren is d wade's girl"

When Samuels protested that Wade-- who was married at the time-- was involved with long-time rumored mistress Gabrielle Union, Shaq responded, in Shaq fashion: "He gottem all..."

Shaq-- who was once outed by teammate Kobe Bryant for paying "more than a million dollars" in hush money to mistresses-- clearly didn't think his email conversation with Samuels would ever become public.

But then it was among emails and texts filed in an ongoing local lawsuit. A judge sealed the messages, but we were able to get them anyway.

Which is all just a lot of context to say that last night, Dwyane Wade took to Twitter to deny any romantic involvement with Lauren London:

Wade's publicist, Amy Jacobs, emailed us to make sure we set the record straight regarding "Dwyane Wade cheating on Gabrielle Union with Lauren London."

But hold on -- wasn't Wade still embroiled in a divorce from his wife, Siovaughn, at the time -- with Gabrielle being the proverbial woman on the side? Can one cheat on a goomah with another goomah? Can somebody get Tony Soprano on the horn? Our head is starting to hurt.

Update: Jacobs called to clear up our confusion: "Wade was married at the time. He was not having an affair with either Gabrielle Union or Lauren London."

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