Dwight Freeney Disagrees With Bloggers and Fan Forums

Unlike some Dolphins bloggers and fan forum members, current and former NFL players are siding with JT on this whole fiasco.

Colts Pro Bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney says that Taylor should get a little more respect than he's getting: "He is the face of the franchise. Before him it was Dan Marino. When I think of Miami, I think of Jason Taylor."

Anthony Munoz, former Bengals offensive lineman and current member of the NFL Hall of Fame, said a player with JT's track record shouldn't be criticized for skipping training camps: "At that age you don't need the beating that you take in camp. I know a lot of coaches and GMs won't like me for this, but at that point in your career if you can just get in a get a little bit (of work before the regular season) it's fine. You do need (live action), but I don't think four, five, six weeks is key at this stage."

Who the hell does Anthony Munoz think he is? So he's regarded as one the best left tackles in NFL history. Pft. Bloggers and fan-forum members will be the judges of Jason Taylor and will decide if he is a true Dolphin or not, thank you very much. I think we have the credentials. Sure, Munoz played 13 seasons in the NFL and is forever immortalized with a bust in Canton. But we have computers and Internet access and stuff. Dwight Freeney has 60 career sacks so far and can probably strangle a grown man with one of his arms. Bloggers and forum members love to eat frosting out of a can with our fingers. Plus, our favorite porn sites are bookmarked under the title "DavidCook.com" so our moms don't find out.

Advantage: Bloggers and fan forum members. Clearly.

- Chris Joseph

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