During WMC The Techno Stops For No One, Not Even Paris Hilton

Hey, have you heard there's this music event in town, with all these DJs who take dance and electronic music pretty seriously? It's probably one of the biggest weeks in the year for their industry, and it would really be best if you don't go up to them and ask them to play some Madonna or Black Eyed Peas. In fact, it's just best you don't offer any suggestions at all, and leave the song selection to the professional.

Well, no one told Paris Hilton, who really has no grasp on basic decency, anyway. According to Radar Online, she was partying at the Fontainebleau last night (We're assuming it was LIV, where Swedish house producer Steve Angello was on the decks). Hilton went up to the booth and asked the DJ to stop his techno marathon, and play some pop music that is more inducive to her particular brand of white girl table dancing. A body guard pushed the heiress away, and then her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt started fighting with the bodyguard and got a bloody lip for his efforts.

The couple, thankfully, plans to leave Miami immediately. Maybe they'll

make it back to Los Angeles tomorrow in time for the AIDS Wolf/Bi-Polar

Bear show at The Smell, where they can continue her trend of wildly inappropriate music requests, and ask the noise-rock groups to play a

cover of her hit, "Stars are Blind." Which would actually be kind of


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