Dunces Raise Confederate Flag over Florida, Ugh

Several years ago the United States of America, the greatest country on the face of the Earth ever, faced off against known terrorist organization "The Confederate States of America."

We ended up kicking their ass, because that's how we roll (I am technically Southern by birth, Northern by Heritage, thank God). President Lincoln was secretly harboring a devious plan to castrate all of these Confederate proto-Bin Ladins, so they could never procreate. Sadly, this plan was foiled when Lincoln was assassinated. Redneck reproduction continues, and modern rednecks sometime display replica nut sacks on the back of their trucks to commemorate this fact.

But, that is not enough for them. No. They must continue to spread their anti-American propaganda by displaying the confederate flag everywhere, and today at 2pm, a giant Rebel flag was hoisted once again over the intersection of I4 and I75 near Tampa.

They also plan to light this flag during the Super Bowl, an American

game that surely never would have thrived should Confederate "President" Jefferson Davis had

succeeded, because he was a noted fan of nationally organized

professional horse shoes (look it up).

Not only that, but these domestic terrorist sympathizers also want to

put this vial propaganda of the Confederate battle flag on cars.

They're going to court to try and get a special license plate issued.

Well, The Civil War is over. More Americans were killed than Al-Queda

could ever dream of. We have an African-American president now. The Civil War was a sad, but necessary, part of our history. Let's not celebrate the division.

Plus, we all know Obama has a rabid Lincoln

fetish. So I suggest you just jack off to the Confederate flag in the

privacy of your own double wides, before he follows through on

Lincoln's promise of mandatory Southern castration.

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