DUI Checkpoint in Golden Beach Tonight

Apparently, Golden Beach -- that little hamlet north of Sunny Isles Beach full of ridiculously wealthy people where Shaquille O'Neal was famously sworn in as a police officer -- is experiencing a rash of drunk driving incidents. And tonight they're taking a stand.

According to a news release issued earlier in the week, the town police department will this evening implement a "DUI Sobriety Checkpoint" in conjunction with a broader "DUI saturation patrol effort" in its effort to catch drunk drivers before they screw things up for themselves or anyone else. (No word on whether Shaq will be involved in the crackdown, although here's hoping he is.)

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This is all well and good, obviously, but the town's police department certainly wasn't going for the element of surprise: The news release announces not only the time (7 p.m. to 1 a.m.) of the crackdown but also the exact address where it will take place: 399 Ocean Blvd. (Because everyone knows drunk drivers don't read newspapers?) The release also invites members of the local media to "support our effort by providing live news coverage." (Because the sight of those cameras and clunky news trucks will lure them in?)

In any case, let's hope Golden Beach town manager Alexander Diaz got the message. Diaz, 36, has himself gotten in enough driving trouble to keep the town's police busy: Two years ago, he reportedly failed a sobriety test after he was caught swerving across a Miami Shores median while going 60 mph in a 35 zone, and in 2009, when he was arrested for drunk driving the first time, he allegedly told a cop: "I am the city manager, bitch!"

Golden Beach police administration did not respond to a request for comment by Riptide, unfortunately.

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