Drones Coming to Disney World, but Don't Worry They're Fun Drones

Drones get a bad wrap. Yes, they can be used as tools of war to kill people and conduct covert surveillance, sure, but they can also be fun!

Disney has filed patents for drones it hopes to one day use in its theme parks, but Central Florida is not about to become a Micky Mouse-run police state.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Disney has entertainment in mind in its drone patents with two goals in mind.

The first type of drone would hold up floating projection screens in the sky at night time. The display screens would show images using flixels, which means "floating pixels." The screens would be wind resistant and would be able to move about in the sky. Such displays could be used to enhance Disney's nightly fireworks displays while relying less on actual fireworks.

The second type of drone would control large parade balloons or puppets. The drones would be able to move the puppets' limbs from above, making them look like they're walking down the street.

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Kyle Munzenrieder