Favre loosing the Mary bowl.

Drama on the Gridiron: Dolphins vs. Jets

The Dolphins-Jets rivalry is always heated, but things got extra spicy during the off season when the Jets signed a promising little quarterback by the name of Brett Favre (keep an eye on this guy, he could be going places!) and dropped long time QB Chad Pennington. Pennington got scooped up by the Fins, and because the football Gods have a sense of drama similar to a soap opera head writer they two teams meet for the season opener this Sunday in Miami.

For extra dramatic intrigue, this will also be the first regular season game for Miami’s new head coach, a man by the name of James Gandolfini (I hope I just killed the Sparano/Soprano joke for ever. Sleep with the fishes).

After last season’s 1-15 record winning isn't something the Dolphins seem to be familiar with, but luckily Favre doesn’t have a great record in this town. You might remember back in 1998 when he lost something, I think it was about Mary, to the Stiller-town Zippers flag football team. A devastating lost that he’s truly never lived down.

The game starts at one pm, and will be aired locally on CBS 4.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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