Dr. Alexis Martinez, Regional Schools Superintendent, Arrested After Mysterious Shooting

The man in charge of administering the southern region of Miami-Dade schools has been temporarily reassigned following an arrest after a bizarre shooting earlier this month.

On February 7, Dr. Alexis Martinez was involved in an incident at a home on SW 94th Place. Neighbors tell CBS 4 that they heard a gunshot followed by a woman's screams.

Police believe the .40-caliber handgun was shot accidentally. In fact, Martinez was not arrested for the shooting. Rather, he was taken into custody for his bizarre behavior toward police.

When officers arrived, Martinez confronted them despite warnings not to do so. He told officers that although he didn't own the gun, he had hidden it in the house but simply forgot where he put it. Because, hey, who doesn't remember where they put that gun that just went off?

This forgetful man, mind you, is in charge of the single largest region of Miami-Dade schools. He has oversight over 99 schools and more than 100,000 students.

Martinez refused to give police information as to where the firearm might be and allegedly disobeyed orders to keep his hands in his pockets. Eventually, the gun was found underneath a couch cushion like it was pocket change.

Martinez faces charges of tampering with evidence -- a felony -- and a misdemeanor charge of resisting an officer without violence.

He self-reported the arrest to the school board and has been temporarily reassigned pending the results of an inquiry.

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