DQ Trumps blissberry on the Beach

Spots like blissberry, a new highfalutin frozen yogurt place on Alton Road off Lincoln Road on South Beach, seem to be the dairy world’s stab at Starbucks formula. That is, overpricing products and trying to get customers not to care by making you feel trendy and special by merely ingesting them.

Blissberry's décor is funky with low, glass tables and sphere-shaped light fixtures. The busty woman in a tight tank top behind the counter was cute, let’s give her hot, and relatively friendly. The green tea yogurt was okay, bordering on good, but didn’t inspire yums between licks. But, for the more than $6 a medium cost with three chosen toppings (stingy spoons of granola, blackberries and coconut), it should be great. And the tables were dirty so there was no desire to get cozy like there can be at Starbucks.

The yogurt shop offers a decent selection of fruits and cereals but nothing looked scrumptious. Dessert shouldn’t feel that healthy. Leaving blissberry, visions of that dipped, $2 butterscotch cone I should have ordered from Dairy Queen danced in my head.

--Janine Zeitlin

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