Doral Man Arrested for Secretly Videotaping His Girlfriend's Daughter in Bathroom

Edison Gonzalez is an electrician by trade, and allegedly a pervert by habit. Now he's behind bars for using his skills as an electrician to install a secret video camera in a light fixture in the bathroom of his girlfriend's 15-year-old daughter. Back when another Edison invented the lightbulb, he certainly didn't mean for them to be used to disguise peeping Tom's spying equipment.

"He placed a light fixture on the roof directly above the bathroom where the girl's bathroom was and he used it not connected to any light fixture or powers of the house. And he had a peep hole and he used that peep hole as a means to video tape the young girl while she was bathing," Lt. Carlos Alfaro with the Doral Police Department told CBS4.

Gonzalez, 40, shared an apartment with his girlfriend, the girl's mother, and the victim.

NBCMiami reports that Gonzalez had other hidden cameras installed in the apartment and also snapped pictures of the girl through air vents. He also used the technology to spy on his girlfriend.

When the mother figured out what was going on, she called Doral Police and had Gonzalez arrested.

Investigators seized his computer and found nude images on the girl on his hard drive.

Gonzalez is now being charged with 65 counts of voyeurism.

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Kyle Munzenrieder