Don't Even Think About It, Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor spent 11 long years with the Miami Dolphins, the last of which was particularly embarrassing, but did our love not make up for it? It wasn't a Dan Marino type of love, but we loved him in a way a city loves the standout star of their otherwise helpless professional football team. We even cheered for him on Dancing with the Stars.

Then, after some mild diva-like behavior during the off-season, he was the victim of one of the worse-timed trades of 2008. He went to D.C., where he kind of did nothing with a do-nothing team. Meanwhile, the Fins made the playoffs, in case you forgot.

Now reports are surfacing that the Patriots have an interest in Taylor after beating him all those years. We gave you so much of our hot sports love, Jason Taylor, and now you're thinking of betraying us for our rivals?

For his part, Taylor seems more than keen to rejoin Miami.

"Absolutely. There's no reason I wouldn't," he told ESPN after they asked him if he'd like to wear the aqua and orange again.

No word out of the Dolphins office if they want to swallow their pride

and take him back, but, come on -- you cannot let him play for

the Pats. Sure, his best years might be behind him, but Belichick knows

how to handle a veteran. I'm not even sure how good the Fins will be

next year either, and a lot of our postseason fate rests with how well

the Pats bounce back. It sure would sting extra-hard to see the Fins' sudden reemergence cut short by a team with our former star on its roster.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.