Donald Trump Will Get Four More Years Because Democrats Are Incompetent

Donald Trump Will Get Four More Years Because Democrats Are Incompetent
Shawn T Moore, Department of Labor via Wiki Commons
Shawn T Moore, Department of Labor via Wiki Commons
It's time to admit it. Donald Trump will win again in 2020.

Liberals in power are betting Americans will vote for anyone but Trump in 2020. The growing field of Democratic presidential candidates is full of career politicians who base everything they say on polls and making sure they don't offend anyone except Trump voters.

The American people are tired of this. Trump has changed the narrative on what it means to be "presidential." It's no longer about being a stoic leader like Abraham Lincoln or a polished statesman like Barack Obama. All those flowery words about hope and change went out the door with the first black president.

A survey released last week by a Washington, D.C., polling firm of 20,000 registered voters from both parties shows the Democrats have failed to seize on Trump's unpopularity.  About 36 percent of Democrats polled said their party makes too many compromises. And another 20 percent who identified less with the Democrats plan to support a presidential candidate from a different party in 2020.

Voters, whether they lean to the right or the left, are hungry for leaders who keep it real and will take the gloves off in a fight. They want populists who will push radical ideas, which is why Trump keeps fighting for his border wall. His base wants it and it guarantees him at least 35 percent of the vote in two years.

Democratic voters want politicians willing to do the same. That's why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went from bartending to legislating on Capitol Hill. Ocasio-Cortez won because she is not afraid to push ideas such as proposing a 70 percent marginal tax rate for anyone making more than $10 million. Polls show a majority of Americans, including conservatives, support this.

Or consider Minnesota Rep. IIhan Omar, the first Somali-American elected to Congress. She's apologized for anti-Semitic tweets, but didn't hesitate to attack Venezuelan envoy Elliott Abrams for his role in supporting genocide in Central America during the Reagan era.

Democratic Party elites dictating the best candidates to run against Trump are in for a rude awakening. Many blacks agree with Trump's allegation that the Democratic Party is doing nothing for African-Americans. But you won't hear that on CNN or MSNBC because the cable news networks hire so-called progressives, such as former Bernie Sanders spokeswoman Symone D. Sanders, who don't have a clue what is taking place in inner-city neighborhoods.

Presidents rarely lose when the economy is good. And the Democrats are unlikely to put up a great candidate. So it's time to get real.

The only way the 45th president, who is speaking today at Florida International University, doesn't get reelected is if he is removed from office. That's unlikely. Even if special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation concludes Trump was heavily involved in his campaign's coordination with the Russian government to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton, Republicans still control the U.S. Senate. 
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